Our Design Process

The Process: Value at Every Step

Read below to learn how our design process creates beautiful websites that convert.


The Interview

I send you an exclusive, well-crafted set of questions about your business. All of the important details, none of the fluff. You also get a free 60-minute phone or video call where you can describe to me any requests or considerations.

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Market-Specific Research

Your new website is more than a filled-out template. I conduct extensive market research to understand how your target audience responds to design patterns, color psychology, and other important design metrics. This information informs every aspect of my design, giving a result tailored to the people you want to reach.

My research is also compiled into a personalized e-book, which you can use to inform the rest of your business's marketing.

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Captivating Copywriting. Breath-Taking Graphics.

Copywriting is a science, and science is best done by experts. Your copywriting is always done by professionals who understand your target audience, and is augmented by cutting-edge AI tools.

Beautiful graphics and lightweight animations accent the copywrite to build an intriguing story. This makes your website memorable for every viewer.

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Review & Revision

Preview your website via password-protected pages. Compile and tell me your thoughts, either through a form or phone call. We revise the website until the project is done.

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Manage Anytime, Anywhere

(Coming Soon) Access your benefits through the Sorrell Web Portal, including the submission of monthly updates, and accessing analytics data.

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