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Market Research

Sorrell Web always conducts extensive market research before designing every website.


Data-Driven Methodology

Every design aspect is influenced by real-world data of what works (and what doesn't).


Informed Copywriting

Copywriting is always done by an expert in your specific industry and market.


Relentless Monitoring

Once deployed, your website's conversion rate is monitored, and if it's under-performing, we improve it for free.

8 Seconds
*tick-tock, tick-tock*

When someone visits your website, you have eight seconds to capture their attention. That isn't much time.

See below how Sorrell Web Design captures your audience's attention and keeps it.

Eye-Catching Graphics & Animations

Sorrell Web uses custom, targeted animations and graphics that speak to your target audience. Animation conveys value in a way that easily gives your brand the edge over your competitors.

Pixel-Perfect on Every Screen. Performant on Every Device

Sorrell Web Design rigorously tests its websites on all major platforms and screen sizes. The value we pack into our websites shines through for every customer, regardless of how they choose to view your website.

Hitting Pain Points Directly

Sorrell Web Design takes the time to understand your audience. This means taking the time to learn the challenges they face, how your competition is solving their problems, and why your offerings are truly unique.

What We Do


We work with you to understand your business, your audience, and your goals. We take this information to perform copywriting, create a stylistic direction, and design your new website.


With as many revisions as needed, we build your new website, providing frequent check-ins, and applying your feedback every step of the way.

Hosting & Updates

Our technical skills come to shine by hosting your website on the world's most performant and reliable CDN. Excellent uptime and SEO optimization are just some of features you'll get.

Powerful Add-Ons

Supplement your website with eCommerce functionality, a blog, and analytics. It's easier than ever for your business to be online, and we manage it all for you.

The Process: Value at Every Step


Step 1. The Interview

Through the Sorrell Web Portal, I give you a well-crafted set of questions to fill out regarding your business.
You can also opt to have a one-hour phone or video call with us, at no added cost.

Step 2. Market-Specific Research

We conduct extensive research to understand your audience. Not only do we learn their needs, but we learn how they design to design patterns, color psychology, and more. This gives a final result tailored to the people you want to reach.

Step 3. Copywriting & Graphic Design

Expert copywriters, knowledgeable about your market and target audience, write the content of your website. Seasoned graphics designers create exciting graphics, and we combine the two to build your new website.

Step 4. Review & Revision

Preview your website via password-protected pages. Compile and tell us your thoughts, easily through our Portal. We revise the website until the project is done.

Step 5. Manage Anywhere, Anytime

Access your benefits through the Sorrell Web Portal, including free updates and monthly snapshots.

Included: Personalized Design Research eBook

We always want to know what our target audience is thinking. You know how your product solves your audience's pain points, but what's the best way to explain to them? It can feel impossible to capture their attention, and explain clearly and concisely how your product helps them.

I conduct my own market research for every client. This informs the design patterns that I use: language, layout, and much more. Why leave the research at that? You get a copy of my research with the delivery of your website.

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