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Testing & Validation

Our experience has taught us exactly what we need to know to build you a perfect website. We have crafted this knowledge into a set of simple, well-defined questions, answered by you.

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How It Works

On the Sorrell Web Portal (Coming Soon), you are presented with the current progress of your website. This view allows you to submit and edit information that we use to build your new website. At the top of this list is The Interview, where you fill out questions regarding your business.

Methodology: How We Use Your Answers

You'll provide details about your business: your target audience, unique selling proposition, and your current challenges. This informs us about what to showcase, and more importantly, how to showcase it. We transform this information into a story detailing the journey you have experienced to create and deliver your vision.

The copywriting soaks up every detail of The Interview and paints a vivid image of value, passion, and actionability. Visitors see this image and feel inspired: not only do they recognize the value of what you offer, but they also recognize that by becoming a customer, they are joining you in your journey.

The Interview also helps us to research and understand your target audience. There is rich data to find for any audience. We perform statistical analysis over available data to decide how your target audience will respond to various uses of language and graphic design.

Results: A Strategic Pitch

The Interview provides us with a foundation on which we base everything about your website. We find strength in the wealth of data available to know what will catch your audience's eye, what will inspire them, and what will convert them.

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